psychology | January 12, 2022

Johann Hari’s Essential New Book Helps Reclaim Our Focus

If you’ve ever experienced the ‘mental jet-lag’ that comes from juggling too many devices, tabs, and social networks — Johann Hari’s new book Stolen Focus is for you.  

Your ability to pay attention is broken—but it’s not your fault. Your attention is slipping because its profitable for powerful companies, argues New York Times bestselling author Johann Hari in his masterful book Stolen Focus. He traveled all over the world, from Miami to Moscow, interviewing the leading experts about our diminishing ability to focus, and what it means for our future. Daring and visionary, Johann’s findings reveal how we can fight back against the dangers of this attention crisis on our humanity.


Adam Grant writes: “Stolen Focus won’t just capture your attention—it will keep you thinking and rethinking long after you’ve finished it.”


Stolen Focus is available everywhere you buy books on January 25th.

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