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A banner image with the text "The Top 12 Women's History Month Speakers for 2024." Underneath are 12 headshots of Women's History Month keynote speakers in small circles.
Every March, Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day give us the chance to be inspired by the women of the past, and to let their stories light the way towards our shared future. Lavin is proud to represent the world’s top WHM speakers: from literary icon Margaret Atwood to civil rights legend Minnijean Brown-Trickey, and many more.
From a member of the Little Rock Nine to the award-winning author of one of the country’s most challenged books, these 12 top Black History Month speakers show us how to honor the legacy and history of Black communities across America.
The author of Remote, Inc., Alexandra says that if we can equip our teams to make effective use of AI, it will become not just a tool for productivity, but the key for us to play a meaningful role in transforming our workplaces for the decades to come.
Seek (out now!) reveals how curiosity is key to unlocking greater creativity and engagement. It’s “an empathic, practical, and heartfelt road map forward” (Seth Godin) and is striking a chord across the media: from The Today Show to Fast Company to The Next Big Idea Club.
Congrats to Raquel Willis, co-founder of the Trans Week of Visibility and Action, on the release of her highly anticipated memoir The Risk It Takes to Bloom: a “bold, brave, poignant story” (Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder) of collective liberation.
In his eagerly awaited new memoir The Road Years, this longtime Lavin speaker and host of The Rick Mercer Report takes us coast to coast and reminds us of everything there is to love about this country—and uncovers a little bit of what “being Canadian” really means today.
Just as the internet brought business into the Digital First and then Mobile First eras, breakneck advances in Artificial Intelligence are quickly bringing us into an “AI First” era, says Wavelo CEO and top AI strategy speaker Justin Reilly.
“This is the year AI changes you,” says top AI futurist speaker Jeremy Gutsche. As CEO of Trend Hunter, the world’s largest AI trend-spotting platform, he shows us how to lean into the chaos and emerge as more powerful, AI-enabled versions of ourselves.
Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing how we teach and how we learn—and that’s not a bad thing. Amidst the rampant questions and worries about AI’s role in schools, AI education speaker Sal Khan offers a powerful (and hopeful) case for AI’s transformative potential.
Should we optimize humans for AI? Or can we optimize AI for humans? Douglas Rushkoff argues that we need to set the agenda on AI today to ensure that it doesn’t run away with us, but becomes a powerful tool for unleashing human potential.

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