leadership | October 30, 2017

For 10 Years, New York Times Columnist Adam Bryant Asked 500 Top CEOs How They Lead. Here’s What He Learned.

“It started with a simple idea: What if I sat down with chief executives, and never asked them about their companies?” From there, Adam Bryant distilled hundreds of interviews into six practical steps to leadership, which he shared in his landmark New York Times column, Corner Office.

Now, a decade after creating it, Bryant is leaving the Corner Office with a final column that offers a selection of the most compelling interviews from its run. What made Bryant’s work so special was that he didn’t just talk to CEOs as strategists. Instead, he talked to them as people—asking simple questions about “how they do what they do,” and highlighting universal leadership and managerial styles that we can all learn from. A few key takeaways include when and why e-mail doesn’t work, (as he explains in the original Lavin video below), and why employee engagement is a two-way street.  “I found myself wanting to ask about more expansive themes,” Bryant writes, “not about pivoting, scaling or moving to the cloud, but how they lead their employees, how they hire, and the life advice they give or wish they had received.” The archive Bryant  amassed will be a tremendous and singular resource for years to come. 


Read some of the standout interviews from Bryant’s ten illuminating years in the Sunday Times.


Adam Bryant: Why E-Mail Doesn't Work


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