artificial intelligence | August 08, 2019

When Will AI-Driven Income Inequality Hit? A Conversation with AI Expert Ajay Agrawal and Vinod Khosla

Ajay Agrawal, AI Expert and Founder of the Creative Destruction Lab, sat down with billionaire venture capitalist Vinod Khosla for a conversation on the future of machine learning—and the social implications it will bring. 

“Education is not the solution,” Vinod Khosla said, when discussing the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy and the labour market. The renowned founder of Sun Microsystems and Kholsa Ventures joined Ajay Agrawal— author of Prediction Machines—to explore the impending opportunities and threats of the technology on society. When the conversation naturally turned to AI-driven income inequality, Agrawal wondered if the crisis might be coming quicker than anticipated: “This field is moving so fast and it feels like things we thought five years ago, would take twenty years. Some of those things have happened in three or four years,” Agrawal said.


The conversation continued on to explore artificial intelligence in conjunction with other factors like policy, as well as debating possible solutions, like universal basic income. You can watch their full conversation below.


Vinod Khosla - CDL Super Session 2019


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