social stumbles | March 07, 2012

Amber Mac: Five Ways to Lose (Twitter) Friends and Alienate People

Amber Mac didn’t get to over 66,000 Twitter followers by stumbling through social media. No—the consultant, TV host, and web-culture expert has often trailblazed the way for the rest of us when it comes to navigating a new, exciting, and powerful webisphere. In a new Fast Company blog post she continues to guide us away from social media pitfalls with a list of five key things you need to know to prevent widescale unfollows.

Amber Mac’s five point as they appear in Fast Company:

1.  The self-congratulatory retweet
2.  Bad tweet timing
3.  Too much automation
4.  Offensive comments
5.  The silent treatment

Chances are most of us are guilty of one or more of these, but we can now correct ourselves thanks to Amber Mac. Her insightful and fresh talks are always brimming with crucial information for companies needing to step up their web presence and adapt to an increasingly mobile world. Never overly technical, her trademark accessibility turns the stress of social web murkiness into a fun and effective way of getting ahead of the competition.

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