leadership | May 28, 2019

Lavin Speaker Amber Mac Interviews James Comey on Truth, Trust, and Leadership

From his tenure at the FBI to his controversial involvement in the Russia probe, James Comey is uniquely qualified to discuss the nuances of national security and ethical leadership. Digital strategist and Lavin speaker Amber Mac sat down with the Former FBI Director to talk truth, trust, and politics in a cyber age. 

Drawing on his decades-long career in public office, Comey opened up about what makes a good leader. He identified the the principles of truth and transparency as some of the hallmarks of ethical leadership. “The truth is a real thing,” he said. “There are things in life that are veritable or falsifiable.” This becomes all the more important when you consider the fact that security experts are warning of the potential spread of misinformation during the next federal election. 


Aside from cyber attacks in the political realm, Comey also addressed the dangers posed to consumers by tech giants such as Apple or Facebook. “I do believe that we need to think about big tech platforms differently in applying anti-trust laws,” he said. “It’s about knowledge and opportunity and freedom that the consumer is denied by virtue of the monopoly of power of places like Facebook. 


A seasoned host, moderator, and keynote speaker, Amber Mac has spoken at more than 300 events worldwide, interviewing leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and retired astronaut Chris Hadfield in the process. 


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