leadership | November 05, 2012

Amber Mac on Generation Flux: Constant Digital Contact Keeps You Ahead

In the newest edition of Generation Flux, a special running serial on Fast Company, new media speaker Amber MacArthur shared her insights on the way technology is affecting leadership. The topic of the salon-style post was whether technology makes it easier or harder to be a leader, or whether it does both. According to MacArthur, technology can both help and hinder, and being cognizant of both its pitfalls and benefits will help you utilize it to its full potential.

"Technology, especially within the digital realm, makes it easy for an entrepreneur to promote her professional experience AND her professional personality," MacArthur explains. "In a business world increasingly dependent on connections, such outreach is critical." In this case, digital technology makes it easy to keep in constant contact with clients and other associates which can put you ahead of the pack and make it easier to generate a buzz. However, with this advantage also comes a disadvantage, MacArthur warns. "Because technology makes it easy for 24-7 connectivity, leaders face endless competition. If you sleep too long, the game may change." Being constantly connected means that opportunities may slip through your fingers if you aren't on-the-ball 24/7. "Since you're not always face-to-face, communication skills in the digital age are key," she adds. "This means replying promptly to emails, crafting a solid online presence, and using the latest collaborative tools."

An expert in the digital realm, MacArthur runs her own business, Konnekt, where she develops digital strategies for major clients such as Canada Goose and Tony Robbins. She also writes regularly for Fast Company, is a recognizable TV personality, and is the bestselling author of Power Friending. Her stage performances are just as interesting and full of life as her writing, and she helps adapt to changing technologies in our new digitized world.