digital and social media | March 20, 2013

Amber Mac's New ABCs: "Be Adaptive, Respond Quickly, Create Value"

When digital and social media speaker Amber MacArthur wrote her popular book Power Friending, she advised online marketers to be authentic, creative, and brave. In a new blog post she wrote on Konnect, she explains that these staples still hold true—but digital marketing has also changed in the past three years. When MacArthur was asked to give a keynote at the Digital Media Summit recently, she decided she had to discuss how her ABCs from years past still held true. She also explored how things in the marketing world had changed, and what new rules have emerged from these changes. Here are the consultant, speaker, and relentless adaptation writer's new ABCs of digital marketing:

1. Adapt Quickly: " I’m not saying that innovation is dead," MacArthur writes on her blog, "but for most digital marketers we’re adapting much more than we’re innovating." Marketers are adapting to changes in the digital world. And, as MacArthur argues, the ones who adapt the best are the ones who win. Lucky Charms cereal, she says, is a prime example of adapting to win. Their newest digital campaign features an autotuned version of their vintage commercials and has received an overwhelmingly positive response so far.

2. Be Responsive: "Whether you’re working to address a social media disaster or focusing on 'culture-jacking,' good timing in today’s digital world is critical," MacArthur explains. That means reacting quickly to setbacks and
connecting with your consumers in unexpected ways. Case in point: Oreo's lightbulb moment during the Superbowl power outage. MacArthur explains that the brand's ability to turn the blackout into a viral advertising ploy ('You can still dunk in the dark') is exactly the kind of responsive marketing that gets consumers' attention.

3. Create Value: "Every single campaign you deliver must create value for your community," she writes. "The wow or cool factor will only take you so far." This seems pretty straightforward, but as MacArthur notes, there's many examples of digital marketing initiatives that just don't make the cut. While value creation can mean a myriad of things to different customers, it's crucial to provide them with something worthwhile—something that adds value to their lives, not just to your bottom line.