retail | February 27, 2020

Tech Reporter Amber Mac Envisions the Future of Retail on The Marilyn Denis Show

Not too long ago, people depended on malls and big box stores to do all their shopping. Today, they make most of their purchases from the palm of their hands. What will tomorrow bring? Tech reporter Amber Mac weighs in on the future of retail for The Marilyn Denis Show

The retail industry has gone through seismic change in the last two decades, and it shows no signs of stopping. Amber Mac joined fashion stylist Joe Zee on The Marilyn Denis Show to discuss where they predict retail is heading, in 2020 and beyond. With e-commerce dominating, physical retail stores must take on a new function, says Mac, citing the eyeglass brand Warby Parker as an example. “They’re known as an e-commerce brand, but they also have physical stores and they’ve been successful,” she says. “Those stores are experience stores. They’re places where you go, try on their glasses, you have fun, you take pictures for Instagram. So you see, the nature of the physical store is changing.”
The duo also discussed the emergence of more sustainable shopping options, such as rental services and resale stores. Sustainability is becoming a big concern for the younger generation, notes Mac, with kids as young as her eleven-year-old son worried about the environment. “We see that sustainability element where they want to buy things that have been used before, and they’re okay with that because it has less of an impact.”
Watch the full segment here.
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