digital innovation | May 06, 2012

Amber Mac: Why Personal Online Branding Matters

What does personal online branding mean? And why, suddenly, has it become so popular and important to companies, to their employees, and to individuals trying to make a mark in an increasingly crowded marketplace? In a new talk, Amber Mac—a renowned digital innovation speaker with a massive social media following—offers a master course in “The Art of Personal Branding.” It’s a topic she’s written about often. (Check out her Fast Company piece, from earlier this year.)

Amber Mac begins by explaining that, more than ever, your personal online identity—which is as much a part of "you" as the offline "you" is—has come to define how the world sees you and measures your reputation. Further: the walls dividing an employee's personal brand and that of the companies they represent have all but collapsed. This new normal, Amber illustrates, is rife with potential disasters and surprising, unprecedented benefits.

Throughout, Amber Mac provides a timely guide to navigating this distinct dilemma and the enormous opportunities that a strong personal brand offers up to anyone who can bridge the public and private parts of a successful digital presence. From her childhood years in a one-room schoolhouse to managing more than a million fans online, Amber Mac has shaped her own personal brand to become one of the most respected new media professionals—and speakers—in North America. In this original, highly personal, and endless pragmatic talk, she offers much-needed strategic direction.

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