digital and social media | March 10, 2013

Amber MacArthur Explores The Marketing Potential Of Macro Video Apps [VIDEO]

Amber MacArthur, a digital and social media speaker and technology expert, recently shared her insights on some of the most cutting-edge trends in the app world. MacArthur appeared on both CTV's App Central and KonnektNow (above) where she discussed cell phone apps ranging from the novelty variety (a DIY Harlem Shake tutorial) to more practical animated weather applications. She also said she has noticed a new trend emerging: the macro video.

Applications such as Tout and Vine offer users the ability to shoot and publish their own 6-15 second videos. As MacArthur explains, these tools aren't just beneficial for personal users. Several big name companies, such as Dove, for example, have incorporated these videos into their marketing strategies. They can create a high-quality video for little-to-no cost that can get across their message in less than six seconds. It's also a creative way of connecting with the growing proportion of Internet-based consumers.

In the digital world you can't be content to rest on the tried and true marketing efforts of the past. That's where MacArthur comes in—sharing personalized tips and tricks in her keynotes, her TV appearances and in her book, Power Friending. Energetic and knowledgeable, her highly requested talks are always informative and address the trends that are gaining traction—and those which are on the horizon.