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Amber MacArthur: How To Stand Out On Social Media [VIDEO]

"People are truly getting overwhelmed with all of the stuff they have to sift through [online]," digital media speaker Amber MacArthur says, "and you want to do something to stand out from the crowd." In a recent keynote speech, the Power Friending author reveals that there are certain things your company can do to catch people's attention online. And in the highly competitive digital space, it's more important than ever to rise above the pack. She provided the audience with several tips that will help increase your brand's digital presence and make the most out of the online space.

First, she says that making your company transparent and accessible is key. Authenticity goes a long way in the online world. Being yourself and making a connection with your clients is vital, and it usually leads to a high return on investment (ROI). If you put in the effort to show your clients what your brand is all about—and why they should care—that effort will generally be rewarded with an increase in sales. She uses the blender and juicer company Blendtec as an example. The company saw a 500% increase by publishing videos of their CEO testing their blenders by chopping up wooden 2x4s. This was a unique way to show customers that their products were worth the cost, and that the head of the company stood behind them.

She also says it's important to be brave and bold. Doing something that no one else is doing is very important if you want people to pay attention to your brand. Finally, she says consistency is also key. She equates this to going to the gym; if you only go once a month you aren't going to see results. However, if you are consistent in your efforts—your goals will come to fruition. In closing, MacArthur notes that ROI isn't the only important metric of social media success. While profits are important, your Return On Engagement (building a community and developing customer loyalty) is beneficial as well. In all of her keynotes, MacArthur explores the current trends in the digital market. She teaches her audience to not only adapt to what is happening today, but to be prepared for the next big thing—before it happens.

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