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Amber MacArthur: Make Better Use Of Your Facebook Data [VIDEO]

Amber MacArthur says there's a wealth of easily accessible data lingering on your social media profile that is probably not being used to its full potential. With all the recent talk about the potential uses for big data, we have lost sight of some of the data right in front of our eyes. For a business, knowing which content was the most popular can prove to be invaluable (and free!) insight into consumer behavior patterns. However, most people don't curate the surface-level data in a meaningful way. As MacArthur says in a new keynote, that's where applications like Gabi can provide extra value to your social media strategy.

The app compiles all of your data from Facebook and lets you ask questions about that data. As MacArthur explains, "all of a sudden [companies] have a really quick sense of what content they're posting and how successful that content has been." It provides users with a data-heavy report that allows them to strategically monitor their social media efforts. She predicts that tools like Gabi will become even more popular in the future as they provide context to the vast quantity of data available to social media users.

Always one step ahead, MacArthur's keynotes help her clients learn not only how to compete in the online world—but how to win. She is a regular blogger for Fast Company and is the author of Power Friending. She is an advocate for relentless adaptation and the need to revamp and reinvent your corporate strategies to remain competitive in the digital era. Accessible and current, MacArthur shares the most popular trends with her audiences and helps them predict what will be popular in the future to stay one step ahead of their competition.

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