business strategy | December 02, 2016

American Business Under Trump: Randall Lane, Editor of Forbes, on Innovation and Ingenuity under the New Presidency

How will business fare under Trump? How will this new government affect entrepreneurship, tech, and innovation across the nation, from Silicon Valley to Middle-America to Wall Street? Randall Lane—editor of Forbes, one of the world’s most respected magazines on business and innovation—explores what the change in power might mean for American ingenuity for the next four years.

As the creator of Forbes“30 Under 30” summit, there’s no one more plugged-in to the brightest leaders our nation has to offer—a millennial cohort of founders with big, bold ideas. That means Lane is perfectly suited to examine how start-up culture and youthful, intrepid entrepreneurs may respond to today’s most turbulent challenges. 


As the creator of Forbes“400 Summit on Philanthropy,” Lane is also the ideal speaker to talk on how new technologies might blossom or stall, and what might become of ambitious clean energy programs (not to mention social ventures and businesses that give back). After all, Lane knows how mission and purpose can take businesses to any level—and has a direct line to the most inspiring philanthropists today.


And as a successful entrepreneur with savvy business acumen—he helped Forbes reach its highest readership, even in an era of mass disruption—Lane can speak to investors and executives on whether they should be bracing themselves for the new direction, or be looking forward to a stimulated economy. 


With rare insight into the new world of entrepreneurship and business, Lane takes us through a tour of these uncertain times—where to look for big changes, and where to expect business as usual.


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