awards | May 31, 2022

Andrea Elliott Wins Second Pulitzer for Her Masterpiece on Inequality in America

The New York Times journalist tells the true story of a bright young girl growing up in foster care and facing homelessness and poverty, in this decade-in-the-making saga of resilience and hope.

Our congratulations to Andrea Elliott for winning a 2022 Pulitzer Prize—her second overall—for Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival & Hope in an American City. The book follows Dasani: a smart and imaginative young girl growing up in a Brooklyn homeless shelter while guiding her siblings through a world of racism and institutional neglect. Called “a remarkable achievement that speaks to the heart and conscience of a nation” (Publishers Weekly), this sweeping tale of resilience is a New York Times Top Ten Book of the Year. In her talks, Andrea reveals how we can work together to build a kinder world for kids like Dasani. “To see into the life of this one, brave child — from her deepest burdens to her greatest hope — is to see our nation in all its dimensions."


Andrea is no stranger to telling complex stories. As an investigative reporter at The New York Times, she’s dedicated her career to unflinching and deeply compassionate reporting on the human cost of inequality. She’s also an award-winning chronicler of the Muslim-American experience—her reporting on the challenges, conflicts, and triumphs of Muslims in America won her the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing, among many other awards.


Watch Andrea’s Brief but Spectacular take on Invisible Child here:


Journalist Andrea Elliott's Brief But Spectacular take on seeing the unseen

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