economics | July 10, 2018

Annie Lowrey’s New Book About Universal Basic Income Starts Unexpected Conversations About The Future of Work

Inequality is rising. Poverty is persisting. Technology is rendering humans obsolete. According to many politicians, scientists and economists all over the world, the key to fixing this is a Universal Basic Income—a stipend given to every citizen. Annie Lowrey, contributing editor for The Atlantic, and one of those most exciting interpreters of global business and the future of work, dives into the controversial subject of UBI for her first book, Give People Money

“Annie Lowery has given basic income a wonderful upgrade…[bringing] first-hand accounts of struggling workers all over the world…a must-read as basic income becomes a more mainstream idea” (Forbes). Another early review from former Treasury Secretary of the United States Lawrence H. Summers states: “Like it or hate it, the UBI is the biggest social policy idea of the 21st century so far. Annie Lowrey’s book is the best study yet of the world’s experiences with UBI. It deserves acclaim and, more important, the close attention of policy makers.”


Read her latest for The New York Times, adapted from the book. 


Give People Money is out now. To book Annie Lowrey, one of our latest and most exciting economics speakers, contact The Lavin Agency.  

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