climate change | August 21, 2019

Award-winning Journalist Naomi Klein Pens Urgent Letter to the DNC on the Climate Crisis

Author and activist Naomi Klein chose to use her most recent column for The Intercept to pen an open, urgent letter to the DNC on the verge of the vote to determine whether or not a dedicated debate about the climate emergency will be included in the presidential primaries.

“The timeline we face is nonnegotiable…if humanity is to stand a fighting chance of keeping warming below catastrophic levels, global emissions need to be slashed in half in the decade that follows a new U.S. administration taking office,” she writes. “Not 10 years to agree on a plan or 10 years to get started on the plan. It will have 10 years to get the job done.”  


“Having a habitable Earth is not a “single issue”; it is the single precondition for every other issue’s existence. Humbling as it may be, our shared climate is the frame inside which all of our lives, causes, and struggles unfold.”

— Naomi Klein

It’s a daunting task, but a necessary one that prominent environmental thinkers are calling on the DNC to take seriously: before it’s too late. Klein—author of international bestsellers No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, and most fittingly, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate—has been putting environment-first ideas into action for ages. She’s one of the organizers and authors of Canada’s Leap Manifesto, was awarded Australia’s prestigious Sydney Peace Prize, and is a member of the board of directors for climate-action group, founded by Bill McKibben.


Her new book, On Fire The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal  (forthcoming September 2019), takes on the global climate justice movement in a series of indispensable essays, prescient warnings and hopeful glimpses of the better future that still could be—in spite of the enormously high stakes of our current economic and political choices.


“What matters is that we act like we’re in an emergency. Because it is only during true emergencies that we discover what we are capable of,” Klein urges the DNC in her column. “And that begins with refusing to behave like everything is normal when the house is on fire.”


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