big data | June 19, 2013

Big Data Can't Replace Human Insight: Adam Bryant Talks To Google

Business speaker Adam Bryant knows about the challenges of being a successful leader. Twice a week, he talks with some of the top executives in the world about leading and managing in his New York Times column "Corner Office." In his popular book of the same name, he drew out the broader lessons he's learned from his hundreds of interviews. This week, he talked about big data with Google's Laszlo Bock. What did he discover? Big data is helpful, but it can't replace human judgment, inspiration, or creativity.

While Google does use data metrics to gauge how successful a leader is at their organization, it doesn't always tell the whole story. Even a tech giant like Google has to put their data into context. And, as the interview shows, you have to cater the data to your specific organization. What works for Google may not necessarily work for your company.

In his keynotes, Bryant elaborates on the tricks of the trade he has uncovered through interviews with chief executives at companies such as Disney, LinkedIn, Dreamworks, and Ford. He pulls out five key qualities shared by top leaders across the board that separate the true stars from the rest of the pack. Bryant's speeches are fully customizable and immediately practical, and deliver a wealth of information that leaders from all industries can benefit from.

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