authors | January 20, 2013

Breaking Boundaries Between Artists & Fans: Margaret Atwood In Wired

Margaret Atwood is at it again. Her most recent project, Fanado, is reinventing the relationship between artist and fan. And, as Wired aptly puts it, "her writing tools are as forward-looking as her books." Atwood is one of the rare authors who has earned commercial, critical, and academic success. She is highly engaged with her fans (she's an active Twitter user with well over 300,000 followers) and often discusses the role that literature plays in society in her keynotes and media appearances. With Fanado, artists and fans can connect with each other in an intimate way that may never be possible otherwise.

Currently in beta testing, the project aims to put the audience in touch with their favorite author or performer—and gives the artist a chance to meet some of their fans personally. It is the equivalent of a "promotional tour online", allowing fans to go backstage at a concert, get a book signed wirelessly, or ask a question in a video chat. The platform makes use of Atwood's LongPen technology that provides a legally-binding method to sign things remotely. Never content to rest on her laurels, Atwood is constantly developing engaging and exciting methods for advancing the creative space. This new project is just one idea in a long line of innovative ventures that include the creation of the popular digital story sharing community Wattpad

Thanks to her tremendous success as an author, Atwood has become a household name. Not only does she have an undeniable talent for crafting stories on the page, but she is equally as captivating in her public lectures. Her views on technology, the creative industry, literature, social activism, and her own accomplished body of work are highly sought after—and widely respected.

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