digital and social media | September 19, 2013

Catching Up With Digital Media Speaker Amber Mac

Digital media speaker Amber Mac was given a piece of advice that she's followed throughout her career: Always have multiple jobs in case you get fired from one. That tidbit was passed on to her by CTV's Marilyn Denis. " I am a big fan of that mantra," she says in a Women & Tech interview—and it shows. "Right now I have six or seven jobs," she says, mentioning her role as the President and Co-founder of Konnect, the host of App Central for CTV, and a contributing writer for Fast Company magazine. She's also the author of Power Friending, hosts two podcasts—The Social Hour on, as well as—and co-hosts The Future In Store with fellow Lavin speaker Douglas Stephens. Even with all that on the go, she is constantly seeking out and working on new ventures. And she says she wouldn't have it any other way.

On the most recent edition of The Future In Store (check it out in the video embedded above), MacArthur and Stephens share the latest in cutting-edge retail trends. One innovation she mentions is a service that helps link TV viewers with products they want to buy. Since she says over 70 per cent of viewers watch TV with their smart phones and tablets close by, capitalizing on this demographic requires the advertiser to connect their product to the technology the buyer's using. For example, a new service allows you to pause live television, select an item you like from the screen, and then have the ability to purchase it (or, to view items similar to it) by way of a digital coupon.

Amber Mac's name is now synonymous with digital know-how, but it took time—and multiple career changes—to get where she is today. She shares her journey from her days as a general assignment reporter, to podcaster, to entrepreneur in Women & Tech: "I've always thought I need to take on as many projects as possible and secure any type of business relationship for my future to make sure that I can continue to do what I want to do and have the freedom to run my own business," she says. "I don't find that I'm overwhelmed, because I've set up my life so that I feel like I have total freedom to do whatever I want, and that's more important to me than anything." What advice does she have for those wishing to strike out on their own? Don't consider any potential sponsor too small, and, build you brand as strongly as consistently as you can. Oh, and remember that "even if [you] don't come first at everything, showing up and giving it [your] all is reward enough." Sounds good to us!

In her keynotes, Amber Mac provides audiences with tips on becoming more digitally savvy and making the most out of the online experience. She also shares her ABCs of digital marketing: Be adaptive, respond quickly, and create value. To book Amber Mac as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau.