social change | January 19, 2014

Civil Rights Legend Minnijean Brown Trickey's MLK Week Standing Ovation

At a recent Martin Luther King Jr. Week for Peace event, civil rights legend Minnijean Brown Trickey received a standing ovation after her keynote address. A member of the Little Rock Nine who helped desegregate public schools, she spoke about civil rights and Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, telling the audience: "Dr. King asked us to see our possibilities that we have for taking the first step, doing the important thing, making change." She urged the audience to continue to seek change, saying, "we are certainly not post racists, post racial ... I don't care how much privilege you have, but you are not free until we are all free." She spoke about the path to change, telling students: "You climb a mountain by taking the first step," and encouraging them to "go out there and do something." The audience reacted on Twitter, sharing quotes from the event and their impressions of Brown Trickey. We've assembled a few for you to take a look at below:

As a living witness to history―and an active participant who helped shape it―Brown Trickey delivers a fascinating exploration of social change, diversity, and the battle against racism throughout the decades, from the beginnings of her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement to the present day. To book Minnijean Brown Trickey as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.

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