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Sneak Peak: David Robertson’s The Power of Little Ideas, from LEGO to Gatorade

The Power of Little Ideas: A Low-Risk, High Reward Approach to Innovation, Wharton professor David Robertson’s latest book after 2015’s Brick by Brick, goes even deeper into LEGO’s particular model of innovation. And this company wasn’t alone, according to the book’s new trailer. Brands like Gatorade, Disney, and Victoria’s Secret all used a similar tactic to refine their products.


As Robertson puts it: 

  • “Conventional wisdom today says that to survive, companies must move beyond incremental, sustaining innovation and invest in some form of radical innovation. ‘Disrupt yourself or be disrupted!’ is the relentless message company leaders hear. The Power of Little Ideas argues there’s a ‘third way’ that is neither sustaining nor disruptive. This low-risk, high-reward strategy is an approach to innovation that all company leaders should understand so that they recognize it when their competitors practice it, and apply it when it will give them a competitive advantage.”

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The new Power of Little Ideas outlines the key elements of this distinctive approach. According to Robertson, it means creating a family of complementary innovations around a product or service, all of which work together to make that product more appealing and competitive (as per the video above). He outlines the organizational practices that unintentionally torpedo this approach to innovation in many companies and shows how organizations can overcome those challenges. Aimed at leaders seeking strategies for sustained innovation, and at the quickly growing numbers of managers involved with creating new products, The Power of Little Ideas promises a logical, organic, and enduring third way to innovate. 


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