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Americans Are Losing Faith in Democracy. Political Theorist Yascha Mounk Explains Why and What We Can Do About It

Liberal democracies are dying, while far-right groups and authoritarian leaders are thriving. It’s a grim fact, but Harvard professor, writer, and new Lavin Speaker Yascha Mounk is hopeful in his engaging talks about why it’s happening, how it’s happening, and what every day citizens can do about it.

The tale of liberal democracy’s demise is complicated. It’s about unemployment, insecurity, race relations, the erosion of civic education alongside the rise of dubious social media “truths.” With The People vs. Democracy, his forthcoming book on the subject, regular contributions to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, CNN, Slate, and his role as host of the popular podcast, The Good Fight, Yascha Mounk knows how to tell this story.


And it’s an important story to tell. It’s necessary, urgent. For corporations, colleges, associations, or even average citizens who are concerned about what their political future holds. Mounk is both “a gifted raconteur and aphorist,” (The New York Times) and a staunch realist. He provides actionable steps for how we can protect democracy, from donating to anti-authoritarian movements to campaigning for meaningful candidates, and blends it with generous personal anecdotes, easy wit, and an academic’s authority.


“How important is it to you to live in a democracy?” is a question Mounk often asks. “People born in the 40s or 50s, 100% of them say it’s essential. You ask people born after 1980, and it’s less than a third.” 


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