wealth | September 21, 2012

Discussing Personal Wealth: Two Business Speakers Make It Seem Easy

Let's talk about money! Wealthy Barber author David Chilton and Financial Post writer Diane Francis—two sought-after business speakers—will discuss various aspects of wealth building (and personal finance) at a fun, practical, and much-hyped event in Toronto, The Wealth Building 101 Conference, on October 13. It's open to the public—get tickets here.

Hosted by The Young Wealth Academy, the event is geared toward motivating a younger demographic to improve their financial health.

David Chilton is the newest host on CBC's popular business show Dragons' Den. In his twenties, he wrote The Wealthy Barber, which has since become the country's all-time bestselling book, helping literally thousands of people get their personal finances in order—no small feat. Diane Francis, meanwhile, has spent many years dissecting business headlines and providing valuable advice in an accessible manner through her writing. As she reminds us, she's not a journalist who happens to cover business; she's a business person who happens to write. Her bestselling book Who Owns Canada Now? profiled some of the country's most successful people—many of which Francis knew would make it big before they were on anyone's radar.

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