web 2.0 and social media | August 14, 2012

Don’t Buy Twitter Followers. Just Don’t, Says Social Media Expert Amber Mac

Purchasing Twitter followers from an online source may seem like an easy and cost-effective way to increase your Twitter credibility—seemingly, with the online community being none-the-wiser.

For less than a hundred dollars, you can buy yourself thousands of bots to up your Twitter clout, but social media expert Amber Mac warns that web apps such as StatusPeople will put a kibosh on your corner-cutting, black hat, social media trickery. In a recent Fast Company article, the digital media and adaptation speaker, writer, and consultant tells a cautionary tale of the implications that trying to game Twitter to achieve online fame online can have.

She reminds users—specifically companies that have much to lose—that, "despite the fact that the Internet has always excelled as a platform to afford people insta-fame … the online audience is equally as keen to take this person down if they smell a rat in their digital midst."

Amen, Amber. Not only will your antics be quickly found out if you try to cheat your way into web popularity, but realistically, having an army of non-human followers really won't do much to stimulate conversation for your brand online. Not only is anything worth having worth working for, but the point of social media is to be social—something that faux-followers (no matter how many) can never be.