retail | September 05, 2018

The “Conspiracy of Success”: Retail Visionary Doug Stephens Predicts the End of Amazon

Doug Stephens is a retail visionary—author, podcaster and consultant to some of North America’s best-known retailers: Home Depot, Disney and Google, to name a few. His latest article “The End of Amazon,” is as provocative as the title indicates, and a truly fascinating read—for retailers and consumers alike. 

“Ironically, many of the elements that made Walmart so uniquely formidable were also the things that conspired to make it vulnerable to disruptive competitors like Amazon. It’s this same conspiracy of success that is likely, at some point, to sideswipe Amazon but with even greater brutality and speed,” Stephens predicts.


Stephens tackles subjects like this, and more, on his podcast Retail Prophet, where he explores the trends, technologies and behaviors shaping the future of retail and commerce. Check out the latest episode below:  


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