health | September 25, 2019

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed Explores What's Really Important for Our Health in His New Podcast Series America Dissected

Unravelling the state of the America healthcare system, and the health of Americans, has long been a pain in the neck for a nation that prides itself on being a leader in the fight for equality. Is loneliness making us ill? Who does the current healthcare system really help? How worried should we be about the anti-vax movement? It’s a topic full of tough, vital questions—the answers to which are especially nuanced in such tumultuous times: but those are the questions that Dr. Abdul El-Sayed tackles head on, in his new podcast, America Dissected.


Presented by Crooked Media, America Dissected  goes deep into the heart of the matter—after all, our healthcare system’s problems aren’t a surface wound.  El-Sayed takes what you see in the headlines, but actually explains the context, and science behind it, and uncovers the factors at play that got us here—and their consequences.


El-Sayed is an ideal guide to usher us through this complex world: as the nation’s youngest Health Commissioner in a major US City, he rebuilt Detroit’s Health Department that had been plagued by privatization, reshaping it into a leader in public health innovation. As a physician he knows the needs of patients, and as a political figure—having run a groundbreaking campaign for governor in 2018—he knows the ins and outs of the system as well.


The ten-part series is an antidote to misinformation, offering accessible breakdowns of complex issues, debunking myths, and exploring innovative solutions for a sick nation to make itself well.


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