sales | July 28, 2013

The Future In Store: Doug Stephens & Amber Mac Launch A New Web Series

Douglas Stephens, a prominent retail futurist, and Amber Mac, a new media specialist, recently teamed up to bring you the latest concepts, companies, and technologies changing the way you shop. The two keynote speakers are now co-hosting a new series called The Future In Store. The program keeps buyers alert to the next big thing, and, shows retailers what their competition is up to. In this first segment, the two hosts give us a glimpse into how we'll be window shopping in the future, how eBay has added immediacy to e-commerce, and how traditional brick-and-mortar stores are staying competitive in an e-commerce world.

Forget window shopping: New York retailers like Kate Spade are focusing on window buying. With the click of a button on a giant touchpad in the store window, shoppers can pick out a garment and have it delivered to their home within an hour. You can access the tablet 24 hours a day, and, can return an item if you get home and it's not a good fit. And the great part about the process is that you never once have to enter the store. Another company has hopped on board the one-hour delivery train, and that's eBay.

Have you ever needed something right now, but the physical stores nearby didn't carry the item nor did you have time to wait for it to be delivered to you through the mail? The next time you get an insatiable itch for a certain product, all you need to do is order it through eBay Now. Within about an hour of purchase, a "valet" will deliver your newest acquisition to you—even if you happen to be sitting in the middle of a park. But the development of services like these doesn't necessarily mean it's time to say goodbye to the physical storefront just yet. "Retail stores are hardly dead," Stephens says. "[But] they are definitely changing from places that distribute products to spaces that deliver experiences." Give consumers a unique and convenient experience—whether it be in person or online—and you'll be able to make the sale.

Canadian Business called Amber Mac: "Canada's top social-media expert on how to build a brand." She's a consultant, TV host, and bestselling author who provides key concepts businesses and marketers will need to embrace to succeed in today's fully digitized market. Douglas Stephens is a business and retail expert who is highly sought after for his ability to help you predict the next big thing before your competitor does. As speakers, they stress the importance of being adaptable and forward-thinking.

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