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Our Republic is at Risk: Eric Klinenberg Investigates in New Book Antidemocracy in America

“To confront the threats we face, we must recognize that the Trump presidency is a symptom, not the malady.” Eric Klinenberg’s latest co-edited project Antidemocracy in America: Truth, Power, and the Republic at Risk seeks to uncover the fundamental problems rooted inside America’s institutionsproblems that existed long before President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Antidemocracy in America, which was edited and assembled by sociologist Eric Klinenberg alongside Public Books editors Caitlin Zaloom and Sharon Marcus, is a collection of essays from leading experts and scholars. The topics range from race and gender politics to climate change and national security, all which align to offer a striking portrait of America’s history, present day, and future. If we are to protect America’s democracy from the authoritarian forces that hope to destroy it, we must first understand how truly fragile it is.


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