digital and social media | January 16, 2013

Facebook Fatigue: Amber Mac On The Rise Of Micro Social Networks [VIDEO]

As the big social networks increase in size, users can feel like they've lost that intimate connection with their followers. As Amber MacArthur says in a recent keynote, there are new tools on the digital market that can help ease the "Facebook fatigue" that some of us may be feeling. Instead of having hundreds—or even thousands—of followers on our social networks, these new applications limit the number of online friends you are allowed to accumulate. This provides a more intimate social interaction that also gives you more privacy. Rather than having to worry about who is seeing what you post or having to update your privacy settings to secure certain information, tools like Path and 23 Snaps ensures that only a small group of people have access to your content.

This is excellent for new mothers, for example. MacArthur notes that she uses 23 Snaps to share photos of her son with her family because it's more private and secure. "I just had this feeling with Facebook that I just didn't feel comfortable there anymore sharing all of these photos," she explains, "it's as though Facebook, as it's grown so large, cares less and less about people's privacy." Many users apparently feel the same as MacArthur says these small social network apps are "exploding" in popularity. It seems that for the future of social media—less is more.

In her talks, MacArthur speaks about relentless adaptation and the constant need to revamp and reinvent your corporate strategies in the digital era. She regularly blogs for Fast Company and is the author of the popular book Power Friending. In her writing and her keynotes she provides advice on how to not only get by in the fast-paced online world—but how to thrive in it. She keeps her clients up-to-date with the hottest trends while also providing insight into what will be making waves in the future so they can stay one step ahead of the competition.