digital | April 27, 2016

First Look: Amber MacArthur’s New Book, Outsmarting Your Kids Online

With the advent of the Internet, accessing mass amounts of information has become quicker and easier than ever. And while this is a boon to industries and individuals alike, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. In her new book Outsmarting Your Kids Online: A Safety Handbook for Overwhelmed Parents, author and digital strategist Amber MacArthur dissects a timely topic: Internet privacy and security, especially as it relates to our children. Alongside co-author and Internet security expert Michael Bazzell, MacArthur shows us how to navigate parenting in the digital landscape—from social media to apps to cyber-bullying and beyond.

In Outsmarting Your Kids Online, MacArthur gives parents something long overdue: a comprehensive guide to ensuring that their child’s Internet experience stays safe, secure, and fun. Online experiences are a major part of our children’s lives, and this can be a positive—provided it’s done safely. But digital tech moves faster than policymakers can regulate, and this exposes us all to a variety of risks. Predators, bullies, identity thieves, and myriad other traps abound in cyberspace, and children are particularly susceptible. MacArthur and Bazzell unravel the complexities of today’s Internet, and provide us with definitive resources and measures to safeguard our children—and ourselves—from harm.

Amber MacArthur is a social media guru who specializes in relentless adaptation, corporate culture in the Internet era, and digital marketing strategy. In highly sought-after keynotes (she’s given more than 250 worldwide) she speaks with passion and urgency on the Internet of Things and digital innovation. And in her brand-new talk “Cybersecurity & The Next Generation,” she expands on points laid out in Outsmarting Your Kids Online, outlining 10 concrete steps to better online privacy, security, and citizenship. Beyond its obvious merits for parents and policymakers, this keynote is also great for educators, who can learn how to maintain online security in the classroom, and marketers, who can optimize their campaigns to reach two generations of buyers—safely and securely.

Outsmarting Your Kids Online comes out May 16th. Until then, read the following description from the publisher, AmberMac Media, Inc:

“In this book, tech expert Amber Mac and Internet security expert Michael Bazzell provide the ultimate handbook for parenting in a digital world.  From understanding today's social media concerns to learning about tomorrow’s technology trends; from considering app risks to reporting digital bullies; from enabling monitoring solutions to identifying warning signs, this book empowers overwhelmed parents to make smarter online decisions to properly protect their kids. 

This handbook provides parents new and unconventional tools that allow them to look into their child's online life in a way never possible before. It identifies dozens of free resources that simplify and automate in-depth searching of your child's social network activity. While popular sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are covered in detail (including techniques that legally access some "hidden" content), the book goes much deeper into the online activity that may be exposing your child to unnecessary risk.”

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