innovation | February 05, 2014

First Look: The Rise, a New Book by Sarah Lewis on Creativity and Mastery

"What is it that really helps us to innovate, to forge ahead in difficult, inventive human endeavors, and to create what become often iconic works?" asks new speaker Sarah Lewis. In her book The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery—a soulful celebration of the determination and courage of the human spirit—she makes the case that many of our greatest triumphs come from understanding the importance of failure. Lewis is a rising intellectual star who has appeared on Oprah's “Power List,” served on President Obama's Arts Policy Committee, has been profiled in Vogue, and is a faculty member at Yale's School of Art.

In the video embedded above, Lewis discusses The Rise (available from Simon & Schuster in March 2014). "I wrote this book," she says, "really because I am just constantly astounded by the power and the capacity of the human spirit. That we're able to create something so iconic out of what seems like nothing."

The Rise is already gathering an impressive list of admirers. “Like Malcolm Gladwell,” Edwidge Danticat writes, “[Lewis] brilliantly takes complex ideas and makes them easy to follow, making it possible for us to see the world in a brand new way." Lewis Hyde calls it a “welcome departure from standard accounts of artistry and innovation.”

In her keynotes, Lewis offers a new understanding of what enables creative endeavors. Smart, uplifting, and counterintuitive, her talks will help change the way you think about creativity, innovation, and mastery. To book Sarah Lewis as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.