marketing | September 04, 2013

Forecasting Trends: Innovation Speaker Jeremy Gutsche On Wine & TIFF

Wolf Blass Wines are celebrating their 30th year in Canada—and they enlisted our highly requested innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche to help make it a success! The founder of is often looked to for his ability to conduct cutting-edge market research and supercharge innovation. For his role with the company, Gutsche was instrumental in drumming up unique ways to promote the milestone event. This included coverage in the media and events at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Drawing from crowd-sourced trends on Trend Hunter, and his unique eye for the next big thing, Gutsche has helped made the anniversary event a success.

As part of the venture, he pinpointed 10 unique wine trends and was part of the film festival's media wine lounge. One of his trends, Wine Painting, is being recreated this year at the festival. The chance to take part in the activity will also be among the 30,000 prizes given out to lucky winners. Some of the other top trends in wine he discovered were Everyday Sommeliers, Wine as a Shared Experience, Winecations, and Desnobbing. So far, publications to feature his research include Marketing Magazine,, and The Calgary Herald.

So how did Gutsche get the skivvy on what's hip in wine? And, how did he help the company expand its marketing efforts to apply not only to Toronto, but to a global market, as well? “For Canada, it was about 100,000,000 views of data—and globally, about 1.5 billion views of data—that led us to some of these different patterns,” he explains. “Instead of looking to a guru, we look at what the power of the crowd tells us.” He pours over the micro-trends on his site to unlock "Clusters of Inspiration" for each industry. In short, he uses crowd-sourcing to unlock trends and then teaches companies how to use this invaluable input. Thanks to Gutsche's help, the company was able to do just that.

As the founder of, the largest trend hunting website in the world, Gutsche is plugged in to the latest in consumer behavior. He channels that insight into his popular keynotes on marketing and innovation. Pairing that with research from his book, Exploiting Chaos, he cuts through the noise to give companies the no-nonsense guide to being competitive in the marketplace. To book Jeremy Gutsche as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.

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