corporate culture | April 30, 2018

Rebels Lead More Successful Lives. Francesca Gino’s New Book Rebel Talent (Out Now!) Will Help You Find the Rebel in You.

Francesca Gino has spent the last decade studying rebels and rule-breakers in organizations around the world, from high-end fashion boutiques in Italy to thriving fast food chains. The result is her new book Rebel Talent, a groundbreaking analysis of those who routinely defy the status quo, embrace the unfamiliar, and end up happier and more successful than their acquiescent counterparts. There’s a rebel in all of us, says Gino. This book will teach you how to find it. 

Out now, Rebel Talent aims to show organizations how to cultivate a culture of rebellion; to teach individuals to be more authentically themselves; and to explain how to actively nurture innovation. Gino is uniquely skilled in this department. As a Harvard professor, behavioral scientist, and author, her work is rooted in answering the question of why people do the things they do, both at work and at home.


Rebel Talent “is full of great stories, great science, and great practical advice about how, when, and why to break the rules,” says Angela Duckworth, the  bestselling author of Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance. You can take the rebel test to find out what kind of rebel you are, or check out her recent articles in Harvard Business Review and Scientific American in which she shows was rebel talent looks like in action. 


Sidetracked, Gino’s previous book (and also a keynote talk), explored the ways in which people are derailed from their goals, and how to prevent it. Her expertise in keeping goals and nurturing innovation make her one of our premier speakers on business strategy. Contact us for more information. 

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