innovation & creativity | September 27, 2017

Future Fest 2017, Jeremy Gutsche’s 3-Day Epic Innovation Conference, Is Underway

Future Festival 2017 Toronto—a three-day conference where the world’s best innovators gather to prototype their future—is happening now. Jeremy Gutsche, veteran Lavin keynote speaker and the festival’s founder and host, is also the CEO of the #1 most powerful, predictive, and popular trend platform in the world.

“The reason why,” says Gutsche, “is that we use big data from 150 million people to be more predictive about finding better ideas, faster—like a giant innovation focus group.” Which isn’t a bad description of Future Fest, either: a gathering of unique minds and creators, experiencing the future together, workshopping actual problems and coming away with real, actionable solutions. It’s “choreographed for engagement,” he says, “an experience unlike anything an insight leader has ever been a part of before. That’s Future Fest.”


“This is not the time to preserve the status quo; it’s the time for action, for ambition, for taking risks.”

— Jeremy Gutsche

97% of attendees rate it the best innovation conference they’ve been to, 85% rate it the best business event across all categories, and the praise from representatives of top brands is practically endless. Gutsche helps innovators, entrepreneurs and dreamers connect the dots and make their small ideas big.


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