change management | August 16, 2021

Futurist Jonathan Brill Reveals How to Turn Chaos Into Profit in Rogue Waves

Radical changes are hitting businesses harder, faster, and more often than ever before. And though everyone will face them at some point or another, some companies will fare better than others. In Rogue Waves, Jonathan Brill, an expert in resilient growth and decision-making in times of uncertainty, reveals an actionable plan for “driving change, instead of becoming blindsighted by it.” (Adam Grant).

At this moment, rogue waves are forming under your business. Emerging technologies, changing demographics, the data economy, automation―the undercurrents of radical, systemic change―are crashing into each other. When they converge, they’ll produce sea changes that sink companies and wash away entire industries overnight. The good news is that you can future-proof your business to survive, and even profit, from radical change, says innovation expert Jonathan Brill.


The evidence-based frameworks in his new book Rogue Waves are already being used by tens of thousands of executives at organizations like HP, Zoom, Samsung, and the United States government. Safi Bacall, fellow Lavin speaker and author of the international bestseller Loonshots, calls it “an indispensable guide for staying ahead.” In his new talks based on the book, Brill teaches you The ABCs of Resilient Growth: helping you maximize foresight, risk, and opportunity in a turbulent world.


Rogue Waves is available everywhere you buy books on August 17th.

Book speaker Jonathan Brill today and learn how to turn chaos into profit. Contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau, for more information.

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