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Political Journalist Garrett Graff Weighs in on Robert Mueller’s Testimony for NPR

Hailed as a “voice of reason” in today’s political media circus, Garrett Graff is a distinguished journalist who’s covered Robert Mueller extensively throughout his career. He authored The Threat Matrix : Inside Robert Mueller’s FBI and the War on Global Terror, as well as the WIRED cover story, “The Making of Robert Mueller.” Most recently, Graff sat down with NPR to unpack the former special counsel's congressional testimony.

A star witness for the Democrats, Robert Mueller gave a controversial testimony in what was his first congressional hearing in several years. His biographer, Garrett Graff, commented to NPR that the former special counsel seemed to be “trying to be both as reticent as he could be in his answers while also being as legally precise as he could.”


While the hearing may have failed to inspire the public the way that the televised proceedings of the Watergate scandal once did, Graff was impressed by the party’s skill in navigating it. “[The] Democrats [...] put together a pretty substantive and damning collection of the five major points of obstruction by the president,” Graff said, noting that they also dug “deep into the question of the help that the Trump campaign was willing to accept from Russia during the 2016 election.”


You can listen to the full interview here.


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