science | August 26, 2019

Modern-Day Explorer George Kourounis Reveals Plans to Climb 10,000 Year-Old Iceberg

George Kourounis, an explorer-in-residence for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and the host of Angry Planet, has an ambitious plan to go where no man has gone before: an iceberg located in Newfoundland’s “Iceberg Alley.” 

Iceberg Alley becomes home to 400 to 800 new icebergs every year, each having travelled thousands of miles from Greenland to reach the remote stretch of the ocean. “They're like fingerprints—each one is unique,” says George Kourounis. “They all have their personality. They're almost like living creatures.”


The expedition will not be easy, due to the unpredictable nature of icebergs and how little we know about them. “They can be the size of apartment buildings, but they're unstable,” explains Kourounis. “They want to move, they want to rock and roll, pieces always want to break off. Sometimes they flip and disintegrate and literally some of them will explode, so it's really dangerous.”


Upon climbing the iceberg, Kourounis will plant a satellite tracking beacon on its surface, allowing him to understand how the iceberg is moving along with current, winds, and tides, as well as tracking its life cycle. Given the extreme weather events of the last few decades, including changes in Greenland’s icebergs, this research will be valuable to scientists studying climate change.


To read more about Kournounis’ expedition, click here.


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