politics & society | June 10, 2021

George Packer Examines Modern America in Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal

2020 was a year of confusion for America, but ultimately clarity—further exposing the nation’s blatant inequalities and deepening societal rifts. The year left Americans across the country in despair about what was next for their country and its democratic ideals. In his new book Last Best Hope, acclaimed journalist and New York Times bestselling author GEORGE PACKER offers a timely diagnosis of this descent into a failed state, and illuminates a path toward overcoming these injustices, paralyses and divides. 

As we move towards national renewal post-pandemic, Packer offers a vibrant and trenchant analysis of the narratives that will define our path forward. Pointing a more hopeful way forward, Packer speaks to Americans seeking to understand our current moment. Weaving together stories from the country’s  centers of power, as well as its forgotten places, this book goes on to suggest a powerful equation for how we might restore unity. For a nation at war with itself, Packer challenges us to consider a new path toward equality and overcoming our divides—ultimately redefining the heart of the American experiment. 

Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal is available everywhere you buy books on June 15th.

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