economics | November 20, 2013

George Packer Wins the 2013 National Book Award for The Unwinding

Congratulations to George Packer, who took home the 2013 National Book Award last night for his portrait of a country in economic and political crisis, The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

In his speech, he thanked:

Americans who gave me the great gift of trusting me with their stories and allowing me into their lives so I could try to illuminate some of what’s gone wrong with America in the last generation and in their own lives, some of what’s gone right.

Reviewing the book earlier this year, The New York Times said: "[Packer has] written something close to a nonfiction masterpiece.” With this latest accolade, we can only conclude they were right.

In his talks, Packer tells the story of what's happened to America over the past 30 years, and what we can learn from our country's successes and failures. To book National Book Award winner George Packer as a speaker, contact The Lavin Agency.

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