technology | April 22, 2020

Can AR Have a Positive Effect on Society? Helen Papagiannis Explores for the World Economic Forum

AR is a great marketing tool and storytelling platform. But does it have greater capabilities for society, especially during a time of crisis? Augmented Reality expert Helen Papagiannis says yes. In her new article for the World Economic Forum, she reveals how the technology can help us overcome the isolation of COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Whether it’s enabling online learning, or offering access to cultural events and experiences, augmented reality has the potential to transform our immediate surroundings into spaces for education, work, and entertainment. “One thing is certain: AR is no longer just about the technology. It’s about defining how we want to live in the real world with this new technology,” writes Helen papagiannis, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Virtual and Augmented Reality. “[And it’s about] how we will design experiences that are meaningful and can enrich humanity.”


There are three things AR can help us do really well, says Papagiannis. Visuzaliation, annotation, and storytelling. In this article, she shares powerful examples of how each of those can be applied to improve and enhance our current reality under lockdown.


Read the full article here.


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