technology | August 29, 2019

How Does Tech Influence Modern-Day Communication? Nicholas Thompson Weighs In

How does technology intersect with different life stages? What is the narrative of technological development today, as opposed to a decade ago? And how does it change the way we relate to one another? Nicholas Thompson—Editor-in-Chief of WIRED—weighs in on the most pressing questions about our digital lives. 

“Silicon Valley now no longer believes that if you let everyone talk, the best ideas will come out. Now, they’re worried about toxicity,” Nick Thompson explains. Social networks may have enabled broader communication, but they have also led to greater extremes and less moderation. Ten years ago, we weren’t having this conversation; today, it’s a shift we feel compelled to examine, as our digital lives become increasingly important—rivalling even our real lives in their significance.


Yet the way we think, feel, and use technology changes significantly depending on our generation.“Babies and kids have a different relationship to technology,” says Thompson. “Kids who grow up with it have a different way of relating to it.” Leaders today need to understand that technology’s presence in our everyday lives will not only yield both positive and negative effects, but will change significantly depending on who you’re talking to.


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