digital and social media | February 28, 2013

How Facial Recognition Is Revolutionizing Business: Amber MacArthur [VIDEO]

Most establishments you enter have at least one camera set up inside, whether it's for theft-prevention or customer research. But, as digital media speaker Amber MacArthur explains in this keynote speech, some of those cameras also utilize facial recognition technology to get a better indication of who is coming in and out of the store. An example of this technology in action is the app Scene Tap. MacArthur explains that the app is designed to tell users how many people are at a certain restaurant or bar, and what the male-to-female ratio is at the venue. When a customer walks into the establishment, facial recognition software installed within a camera determines that person's age and gender based on their physical attributes. Then, that data is synced up with the app, and voila! You can tailor your pub-crawl to the local hot spots that are packed with exactly the crowd you're looking for.

This type of technology raises concerns over privacy for some, and MacArthur says that the knowledge that establishments are analyzing your face for marketing purposes can make a lot of people nervous. However, the reality is that cameras are everywhere today. Further, the fact that Scene Tap claims it doesn't keep a record of your facial scan after its used for the app might help put some at ease. For business owners and marketers, however, MacArthur says this technology can be extremely useful. "Never before have we been able to really analyze who's coming through the front doors," she tells the audience, "and [we can then] take that information and wrap some type of marketing campaign around it that's specific to the exact people who are coming through those doors." While it may be unsettling to some, the benefits for businesses are tremendous. For example, a bar owner who realizes their business isn't attracting any women between at a certain time of day can create a special for females to boost sales.

MacArthur is well known for her cutting-edge insight into the latest and greatest trends in digital and social media. She constantly stays one-step-ahead of the curve to help her clients keep on top of what's hot now—and prepare for what will be popular in the future. She is a consultant, TV host, and best-selling author of the book Power Friending, as well as a popular keynote speaker. On stage, MacArthur wows with her insight and helps audiences navigate the constantly changing digital world.