innovation | August 24, 2015

How Privacy Fuels Creativity: Sarah Lewis in IAPP Video

In this impactful clip, author and critic Sarah Lewis re-affirms the importance of privacy as an essential element of the creative process—and one we often overlook. Speaking at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2015, Lewis argues: “putting something out there in the world requires a temporary removal from it. I started to realize that these private domains have nothing to do with actual space—they’re about cultivating a space within ourselves, the space where we can shield ourselves from our own overgrown inner critics … In many cases, privacy has been the only way that we’ve created the innovative ideas that we’re honored to celebrate.”

Another exclusive Lavin speaker, Maria Konnikova, might concur; in her recent article “The Open-Office Trap” in The New Yorker, Konnikova cites compelling evidence that open offices are damaging to “workers’ attention spans, productivity, creative thinking, and satisfaction,” and argues that a “sense of privacy boosts job performance.”

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