trending | April 03, 2020

“Act As If You’re Really There”: Futurist Douglas Rushkoff Reveals How to Develop Presence Working Remotely

There is no real substitute for in-person contact. That’s true. But it doesn’t mean that our video conferencing and telework has to be completely alienating, either. In his latest article, futurist and author Douglas Rushkoff offers practical tips for making our work-from-home feel engaging.  

Over the last few years, Douglas Rushkoff has been steadily increasing the number of appearances he does over the internet. “It’s better for the environment, there’s less wear and tear on my body, it saves money, and I don’t have to block out as many dates on my Google Calendar,” he says. “What I didn’t realize is how much my work refining the style, format, and content of these remote appearances would prepare me for the era of social distancing.” As a result, he’s the perfect person to walk us through creating an engaging virtual presence.


In person, a 60-minute presentation can be captivating from start to finishbut in our new virtual reality, where our physical form is absent and our disembodied voices emerge from a screen, the attention of the crowd is harder to capture. To start, Rushkoff recommends cutting down your speaking  time, taking questions from the hosthelping to ground your presentation in the here and nowand provoking audience involvement. And wherever you’re broadcasting from, ensure it’s not a sterile environment, Rushkoff says. “Video is visual, and every pixel is a chance to share information about your process and proclivities.” This includes showing audiences your authentic space.


“And remember, no matter how virtual you think you are, you are still a living body. Use it. Don’t be afraid to sip a cup of coffee, jot something down, and move around within reason.”


Read his full article here.


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