digital and social media | December 06, 2012

How To Develop Your Online Brand: New Media Speaker Amber Mac

New media speaker Amber Mac's success is a testament to the important role that having a strong personal brand can play in developing your career. As one of the most prominent—and most respected—social media and web professionals today, MacArthur is an expert in navigating the online landscape. She not only knows what is popular now, but also forecasts upcoming trends to help companies innovate, adapt, and excel in their industries by using new media to its full potential. The key to her success as a consultant, TV host, bestselling author (Power Friending), and influencer to over one million online followers lies in her ability to hone her personal brand and effectively market herself. In a recent keynote at the WiN Canada Conference, she explains that your online brand is as much a part of defining your reputation as your offline one.

"My goal," she told the audience, "is to teach you how to build a digital you—how to develop your personal brand and your professional brand through the use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She continues: "It's important to know how to use these Internet tools to build up your on-line community and your reputation in a good way." Here are the seven most important tips that MacArthur provides on how to create, improve, and maintain an effective online presence:

1. Be confident in making statements and be a leader. Don't be afraid to put your ideas out there.
2. Be authentic and attentive about what's happening on-line and remember that timing is everything when it comes to what you post—and when.
3. Use your social media connections to not only benefit your own goals, but to promote a cause and do good things in your community.
4. Choose the right tool for the job. Keep the content professional, manage your privacy, and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each social media tool.
5. Don't only be a prominent voice on social media. Learn to be a good listener as well. 
6. Have fun.
7. Watch trends.