covid-19 | June 26, 2020

How to Reopen: A Speaker Guide for the Next Phase of Economic Revival

As the economy slowly begins to reopen, businesses are facing big, challenging questions: How should leaders communicate to their stakeholders? Should working remotely become a permanent option? How is this crisis shaping consumer behavior? And which industries will survive, and which will become a thing of the past? These Lavin Speakers are answering the most urgent questions around the dilemma of reopening, helping to usher in the next phase of economic revival.  

Jay Van Bavel: Businesses that are reopening during this time need to do so carefully, or risk disaster, says psychology professor Jay Van Bavel. In the absence of a vaccine, our best defense against the coronavirus relies on human behavior like mask-wearing, hand-washing, and physical distancing to slow the spread. But how can leaders ensure both their teams and their customers follow the advice of public health experts? In his fascinating new talk, Van Bavel uses behavioral science research on topics ranging from social norms and political polarization, to persuasion, cooperation, and trust, to help leaders effectively navigate the pandemic.


Sarah Kaplan: Though most businesses would agree that social responsibility is important to them, the coronavirus has revealed how far we still have to go in creating an equitable and just economy. In her brilliant essay for Fast Company, Sarah Kaplan argues that we can use our recovery efforts not to rebuild what was lost, but as a chance to “build back better.” This means following through on the commitments that many corporations have already made to their stakeholders. It also means redesigning work, corporate strategy, and corporate governance for the 21st century. “The COVID-19 crisis shows us that corporate ‘purpose’ cannot just be a fancy bow that companies tie on top of their operations to dress them up,” writes Kaplan. Her talks are a cogent guide for achieving real transformation as we rapidly approach a new era of business.


Stephanie Mehta: Fast Company is more than a magazine. It’s a progressive leader and a trusted resource for all things technology, leadership, and design. The woman at the helm is Stephanie Mehta: as editor-in-chief, she uses a unique editorial lens to uncover and tell the big business stories of our time. Naturally, there’s no bigger story than the coronavirus right now, and Mehta’s thoughtful coverage is a must-read for every business leader in the thick of managing the disruption. Focusing on how leaders can use creativity, design, and entrepreneurial zeal, Mehta will help you emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient than before.


Ajay Agrawal: If a recovery strategy is to be successful, it will need to anticipate an economy bracing for future global pandemics. Ajay Agrawal, an economist and esteemed professor at the Rotman School of Management, helps leadership teams and corporate boards prepare for a world where testing, epidemiology, and government intervention are routine aspects of doing business. Best of all? He makes each concept simple to understand and apply to your industry.


Doug Stephens: Thanks to COVID-19, every wheel, cog, and gear of the global retail machine grinded to a virtual halt. And though things are starting to reopen, there are still many unanswered questions within the industry. Is this the nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar? Can digital commerce evolve quickly enough for changing consumer needs? And speaking of consumers—how will their cognitive and emotional states impact their shopping behavior? Enter Doug Stephens, bestselling author and founder of the global consultancy Retail Prophet. His post-pandemic talks tackle these urgent questions, and help lay out a plan for leaders hoping to understand the future of retail.


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