innovation | February 21, 2020

Neuroscientist Beau Lotto Teaches Us How to Rewire Our Brains to Spark Innovation

At his studio The Lab of Misfits, Beau Lotto runs science-backed experiments to help better understand our human desires—then uses those insights to help brands engage with both their customers and their employees. 

“Innovation has to have constraints. It has two sides: creativity and efficiency. The wisdom is where you know when to move between them,” Beau Lotto tells The Irish Times. “You don’t want to be always on the edge of chaos. Sometimes you want to be efficient.”


In other words, the real trick to achieving innovation is becoming adaptable. Unfortunately, we inherited a fear of the unknown from our evolutionary ancestors, and this fact trickles into our decision-making today. When we avoid change, we’re effectively “engineer[ing] our environments so that they are highly predictable,” Lotto explains. But along with predictability comes inflexibility, rules, and bureaucracies. “Those spaces become stagnant because they don’t move, and yet everything around us is moving,” he says.


Instead of sticking to the rules, Lotto helps organizations ranging from Cirque du Soleil to L'Oréal discover their biases, embrace uncertainty, and ask better questions. “You have to create an environment where good questions are good to ask. Too often leaders think that they have the answers, as opposed to creating an ecology that enables those good questions to be found.”


Read more of his insights here.


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