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In Defense of Canadian Humour: Rick Mercer

Celebrity speaker Rick Mercer, master of the rant, might have a bone to pick with anyone who thinks that Canada doesn't have a good comedy scene—especially because he himself is so well-known for his sense of humour! In a new opinion piece in the Toronto Star, the host of the Gemini-winning show The Rick Mercer report is cited as an example of a Canadian who has made it big with his satire. In the article—which reads similarly to the style Mercer invokes in his popular rants—the author explains that contrary to a recent Vanity Fair article, there are more than "nine funny Canadians alive today," and they didn't "all move to the States." Mercer, for example, has enjoyed tremendous success while remaining in Canada—and did so focusing on mostly Canadian content. His show, and the witty satire that he employs on it, routinely crushes other contenders in terms of ratings—and that includes his American competition.

In his trademark style, Mercer satirizes current domestic and international affairs in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Not only is he popular on television, but he is one of the country's most requested keynote speakers and has a collection of three national bestselling books under his belt. As the Toronto Star writer argues, Mercer's popularity is a prime example of the ability for a Canadian comic to hit it big. As witty as he is insightful, Mercer shares the hot topic issues-of-the-moment with his audiences and inspires them to become involved in the important events that influence their lives.

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