global politics | February 16, 2018

What Does Russia Want? Atlantic Writer and Former Russian Correspondent Julia Ioffe Illuminates the Method in Putin’s Madness

New speaker Julia Ioffe – author of the revealing Atlantic cover story “What Putin Really Wants” – has emerged as the premier voice to access Russia’s intentions, and what they mean for America. A gifted speaker, Ioffe unpacks this defining geopolitical drama with piercing clarity, showing us how we got here, and what lies ahead.

Julia Ioffe, staff writer at The Atlantic and a former Russian correspondent for The New Yorker, is a leading authority on Russian-US relations, showing us precisely what is at stake. Ioffe’s talks provide a clear-eyed view of the situation, showing us that Russia is a non-partisan issue that every American, whether Democrat or Republican, must think hard about, regardless of political affiliation. 


Born in Moscow, Ioffe’s family moved to America when she was seven years old. As a speaker, she conveys Russian-American relations from both sides with clarity and insight. In her talks, as in her Atlantic stories, Ioffe provides colorful, character-rich discussions of Russia’s socio-political structure, its tempestuous historical relationship with America, and how Russia will effect US politics (and policy) moving forward. 


Trump Scandals Are Good for Putin


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